Action Networks

To accelerate Linked Learning’s continued growth throughout the region, the Los Angeles Regional Coalition for Linked Learning identified three core opportunities for growth: 

  1. Share: Facilitate networking among Linked Learning practitioners, employers, and others to share information, experiences, and best practices 
  2. Validate: Perform research that validates the efficacy of the approach in the region 
  3. Connect: Develop connections between education and employers that are willing to help develop industry- or job-specific curricula and integrate students into their environment for work-based learning.

Teams of regional Linked Learning leaders – called Action Networks – were created to focus on realizing these opportunities for growth. Members of each of these Action Networks are responsible for goal-setting and operational implementation in three mission-critical areas: partnerships (i.e. strengthening corporate commitment); college readiness (i.e., postsecondary engagement), and data acquisition and analysis (i.e., tracking key Linked Learning success indicators).

The PartnershipsCollege-Ready, and Data Action Networks report their progress and findings to a Leadership Team that oversees the strategic guidance of the Coalition.