Mission and VisionLinked Learning Mission

In 2015, the Los Angeles Regional Coalition for Linked Learning adopted mission and vision statements with the underlying goal of increasing college completions among students.

The Coalition’s mission statement is to “Align and drive a dynamic regional collaboration that supports equity and high-quality college and career opportunities for any student through Linked Learning.”

With increasing attention in the media around workforce development, the skills gap, STEM and certified technical education, Linked Learning is ideally positioned as a systemic solution to prepare future generations of Southern Californian students for employment. Expanding Linked Learning’s reach will have a positive effect on the region’s economy and the development of local communities.

The Coalition’s vision statement is “Transforming students’ lives and sustaining the Los Angeles region as a thriving global economy.”

An alliance of education, employer, and government stakeholders, the Coalition serves as a champion for Linked Learning in the Los Angeles region, actively promoting its growth with schools, colleges, and employers; advocating for local and state policy change; and providing leadership by offering resources and best practices. As champions for Linked Learning, the Coalition’s members work within the region’s cultural and socioeconomic diversity and policies to bring about true, transformative change to the region’s education system for the betterment of our students.